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The way to spark change is through true heart connections!

In the circle of giving, the more you serve others, the more you receive.

Thinking Outside the Box

During World War II the Navy was losing a lot of aircraft. It was important to keep the planes from being shot down so there

You Are Not Alone…All Aboard!

Do you believe that greater things are ahead? I have news for YOU! As long as you are alive and breathing…You are not done yet!

You are worthy of confidence!

It often seems as though it’s cool to gather and commiserate about the sins and brokenness of others without a real desire to celebrate positive

Has the Noise Replaced the Whisper?

Do you ever want to turn the world off and just embrace the silence? Sometimes I just want to walk away from all of the

What Holds Your Heart?

What holds your heart? What stirs your soul? The cares you keep and the thoughts you think… It’s not all wasted time! One thing I

How Do You Make Your Broken Pieces Fit?

Today my leadership team is nestled away at Camp Caraway. The purpose of being here is to re-set and re-charge. So much more happened than


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