How Do You Make Your Broken Pieces Fit?

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Today my leadership team is nestled away at Camp Caraway. The purpose of being here is to re-set and re-charge. So much more happened than just that!

This is our safe place. Not camp…but, in each other. We shared our hearts, and because we were willing to be vulnerable, we gained strength in knowing…we belong.

I was reminded that it’s a complex puzzle that we call life. At times it’s an uphill climb, and it’s a constant fight. It wears us down! Some of us feel like we are alone. Some of us feel like we don’t belong. Some of us are afraid we won’t be loved if we don’t measure up. Some of us wear our scars like they are who we are.

The truth is we all fit like a perfect puzzle!

We will give Him all of our wounds. We will give Him our bruised and broken pieces. We will give Him all of our questions. Boy, I have lots of those lol. We will give Him ALL of our secrets. We don’t have to hide who we are. We belong to someone greater than ALL of our past mistakes and failures.

We can REST!

He knows how to make our pieces fit!!!!

He’s the light on our road when we’re lost in the dark. He won’t run away if we show our heart. He wants us to believe it. We can taste that freedom when we give Him our wounds.

We are completely known!
We are completely loved!
We belong!!!!

I’m forever grateful for the tears, vulnerability, brokenness, trials, pain, failures, and insecurities. Because ALL of those things rest in Him. He is at work, y’all!

As I lay in a room full of bunk beds, beautiful souls, and some snores (hee hee)… I am reminded that we fit like a perfect puzzle!

You do too!

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