Has the Noise Replaced the Whisper?

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Do you ever want to turn the world off and just embrace the silence?

Sometimes I just want to walk away from all of the voices screaming in my ear. I’ve been too caught up and so stressed out lately that the noise replaced the whisper that used to be so clear.

Right now, I’m going to close every door and put my face back on the floor. I just want to be in Your arms where I belong.

Some things just don’t change, and when I call Your name, I feel you immediately wrap me in your endless grace. When I’m in Your arms, I let my fears go. I give You complete control. You are the one who holds me closer in my soul’s darkest night. Everything I see is so temporary. The world is so lost. I simply don’t know what I’d do without Your love.

Please help me to run the race before me with eternity in sight. I want to sit at Your feet. Please save a place for me at Your table of mercy. Help me to be all that you have planned for me to be.

A week of watching my baby suffer from the flu. Then today, as I got the call that someone I love so much had been hit in a head-on collision, I felt out of control. Terrible things went through my mind. No seatbelt, hit at 54 mph at the point of impact…all I could see was her beautiful babies in my mind. I watched You work a miracle. Injuries that will heal in time. Your angels surrounded my sweet Erika! Your angels watched over Karson. You are here. Right here. My heart is going to be just fine.

I was reminded to gaze on Your beauty and drink from Your well. I am forever changed by Your glory.

How could I ask for more?

The craving of wanting to be held… it’s right in Your arms. There’s no other place for me. You are right where I belong. I’m so grateful.

Today I will embrace whatever comes my way with courage and strength. I will listen for Your whisper. Trust Your plan. Thank you for the way You love us!

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