Quarantine Thoughts on the Infinite Mindset!

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Tough times don’t last… tough people do! I was raised by a Texas oil man. He used to say, “Seven years of mean and seven years of lean.” In the lean, he would say, “It’s time to get into survival mode, Trace!”

In the last few weeks, I’ve thought about my dad so very much. As the leader of our organization, we laid off 180 people and shut down our organization. It’s tough! But, the precious things I’ve seen far outweigh the heartache. One customer gave a stylist a $100 tip who turned around and gave it to a fellow team member who needed it more. We missed each other… so we had a virtual movie night! The stories of giving and hope are countless… Already we are stronger!

For me, as the leader, it didn’t take me long to focused on the comeback. I stay informed about the COVID-19 statistics, but my focus is on rebuilding even stronger. It’s all about mindset. An infinite mindset.

My favorite leader said it best: “I am finding an infinite mindset is helping me keep sane as I navigate these times. I’ve stopped saying I’m having a ‘good day’ or a ‘bad day’ and have, instead, embraced the language of the infinite game. Now I have an ‘ahead day’ or a ‘behind day.’ I find that that simple change in language helps focus on the temporary nature of all this. It will end. And we will get through it together.” (Simon Sinek)

This will end. We will have experienced much heartache. Loss. Sadness.

We are THE United States of America! United, we will stand. Our nation will rise, and the comeback will be stronger than ever.

Use this time wisely… Who will you be when we come back? Do you have an infinite optimistic mindset? What really matters most?

We are

Mindset matters!

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