You are worthy of confidence!

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It often seems as though it’s cool to gather and commiserate about the sins and brokenness of others without a real desire to celebrate positive change. It’s cool to stay in the trench: if we don’t, we are fake or inauthentic.

Why do we assume the worst in others?

The truth of the matter is that we have all fallen. And guess what? We are going to fall some more.

I find that I spend so much time highlighting my many failures at marriage, being a mom, and even in business that I intentionally downplay the positive change! I fear that I won’t be viewed as authentic or transparent. The truth is that the greatness in my life is the work of God!

We expect people to be authentically broken, and we refuse to think the best in each other. We are called to be genuine and sincere. We should tell our stories as my friend Waylon Bell says. Telling our story is not to feel less than or to justify our worthiness…it’s to connect with others and help them grow.

The apostle Paul says that servants of God commend themselves to others by acting in a way that is consistent with the message we proclaim- the life and ministry of Jesus!

To commend ourselves means to present ourselves as WORTHY of CONFIDENCE. Therefore, authenticity is an important virtue of a woman that is confident and unashamed.

Brokenness isn’t the only way to be a witness for Jesus.

When we focus on all of our brokenness, we are focused too much on ourselves. Instead, we should put the spotlight on the triumphs of life.

The triumphs are ALL because of the grace of God! You are NOT broken unless you choose to be. Talk about THAT!

Wake up…serve, love, be grateful! Open your eyes and your hearts!

What if she truly is a great person?! ♥️🙏


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