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The way to spark change is through true heart connections!

In the circle of giving, the more you serve others, the more you receive.

Why do we hide?

Perhaps your hiddenness isn’t rejection; it’s transformation!  When we were young, we played hide and seek in the neighborhood. My brother was the youngest. It

What Happens If I Lose My GPS?

Do you remember navigating road trips using an atlas? As a child, I loved reading maps. Geometry teaches that the closest distance between 2 points

What does FEAR do to our faith?

Let’s go back to my study of the Hebrew definition of Humility. In the book “Hebrew Word Pictures: How Does the Hebrew Alphabet Reveal Prophetic

The Beauty in a Name

Have you ever thought about how it feels when someone calls you by your name?  I was with a co-worker in Altavista, Virginia, when we


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