How do I find joy when life sometimes stinks?

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How do I find joy when life sometimes stinks? 

The word joy is used 218 times in the NIV of the Bible. It’s safe to say being joyful is part of THE plan. 

So, what’s the plan? 

A new year is coming, and perhaps you are wondering what to do in order to move your dreams down the road. 

The next step is different for everyone, but I bet it involves something that already lights you up. Something you already think is beautiful or lasting and meaningful. Pick something you aren’t just able to do; instead, pick something you feel you were made to do and then do lots of THAT! You weren’t just a great idea that God never got around to making. The next step happened when you were born. He made us to be good at some things and bad at others. Most of all, He made us to dream. We were meant to dream a lot. We are all part of a bigger plan for the whole world. We were created on purpose for a purpose.

When we take our eyes off of God’s plan for us, we grumble and dispute everything. When we are not walking in His likeness, and we meet adversity or hard times… that’s when the seeds of doubt enter. 

We then move from resiliency to WAVERING FAITH! We question everything. We are back in the wilderness. Lost. 

We are called to embrace the hard times with a servant’s heart. A servant does things without saying or questioning. A servant trusts and obeys what the Master says.

Joy comes when we live from the inside out! The storm only lasts a little while. Every time you choose to lift your eyes, you WILL see the sunrise! 

Joy is coming with the morning! ☀️

Heaven has been leaning over the edge of the rail ever since you got here, waiting to see what you will do with your life. 

Live, love, LAUGH, pray, serve! 

Happy New Year!

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